5D Mark IV Expected Price – Update

The latest rumours that are floating all over the Internet suggest that Canon are ready with the development stage of the 5D Mark III successor and they will lift the curtain sometime at Photokina 2016 in Germany. The show is set to unveil the newest editing to one of the most successful Canon series full frame bodies. The 5D series is a proven workhorse amongst many photography genres  , especially favourite camera to portrait and wedding photographers.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV suggested prices

The suggested price for the new generation camera is somewhere in the $3500 mark, just as it’s predecessors. It is a relatively affordable price given the proven reliability and image quality of the series. We are sure that many portrait and wedding photographers will replace their ageing Mark II and Mark IIIs with the new and updated model.

After the announcement of the flagship camera, the Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, we can expect to see some vast improvements in the 5D series. Specs are still unknown, although there are some suggestions and rumours.

We are pretty sure the camera will include 4K video recording capabilities, CFast memory card slots and there are strong suggestions that will come with the new Dual CMOS Auto Focusing system as seen in the flagship Canon’s body. There are some suggestions that it will have built-in WiFi, GPS and maybe even a NFC chip, but there are no confirmations anywhere about that.

Canon is keeping the ship tight, as usual, so only time will tell the exact specifications of the new generation workhorse called the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.


Canon Admin


  1. What I need in the new 5D M4:

    – Improved DR
    – Some improvement in noise (1 stop would be something)
    – Improved AF System

    I guess that would make something good – better!

  2. I’m a bit miffed this has been pushed out yet another 6 months or so… 4 Years between cameras is a long time in technology. And, it portends poorly for the 5D Mark 5… Canon is falling behind in body technology. Many pros aren’t waiting and have already started buying Sony’s. Canon really needs to pick up the pace of body development.

  3. Taking a photograph is about skill and ability, tech is a poor second fiddle and as an owner of a MKiii and Mkii I can honestly say both are good performers and can my customers tell the difference between the results of either camera ? In no way can they tell the difference.

    • Absolutely spot on – the technology is simply an enabler and very much of secondary importance. The real image is created in the eye of the photographer.

    • If in low light situations? Definitely. Nikon has taken the lead some time ago. Fuji’s are good but no strong lowlight performers. Sony does better but lacks the better lenses. That’s where Canon shines: fast AF weather sealed sports lenses on pro DSLR’s. But hey… the market is bigger than that.

  4. New 9V battery for extra torque in AF acquisition
    Tilt-able screen
    10 fps
    Similar AF capability as 1DXII in every aspect except the frame rate
    Special focus peaking for use with manual lenses
    special sensor stabiliser for use with manual lenses
    In-camera crop of 1.3x, 1.6X
    Other things I don’t care too much.
    Any new video capabilities is a bonus.

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