Canon 5D Mark IV Announcement Date On 25 August 2016

Canon 5D Mark 4 Announcement Date on 25th of August 2016

We have just received the new that the American announcement of the long awaited Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR camera will be on the 25th of August this year. As far as we know this is only the North American announcement and the rest of the world ill follow short after. There will be a new kit lens unveiled on the date as well – the successor of the 24-105 kit that came with the previous instalment of the Canon’s 5D series. The new kit lens will be the same focal length as the previous one – 24mm to 105mm. We don’t quite know yet what exactly will be improved, but we suspect it won’t be much more than an internal coating of the lens or something minor like that. Time will tell.

Canon 5D Mark IV to be revealed in August 2016

Canon to unveil a new feature in the 5D Mark IV that will be the first to be seen in DSRL camera.

There are a lot of rumours and suggested specifications of the new 5D successor, some of them very likely to make their debut in the new camera and some – not so much. Various sources suggest that Canon will unveil a new feature in the new 5D that haven’t been seen in a DSLR up to date. It’s a mystery what exactly is it, as the sources keep silence about what is it. As far as we know it isn’t anything major ad groundbreaking, but it would be something that a lot of photographers would enjoy using, according to sources.

I guess we’ll see in time what exactly is it, but we’ll keep you updated once we have any new information. With the announcement right around the corner there is a lot information to come in the following few weeks. Stay tuned!

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    • I’m very interested in the price drop of the previous 5D when this one comes out 🙂

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