Canon 5D Mark IV – First sightings And Specifications Leaked

Photo and specifications of the new Canon 5D Mark IV camera

Some interesting news, although we can neither confirm nor deny it, have appeared on Canon Rumors and DPreview. According to the used “rrccad” there a new image appeared on DPreview showing the new EOS 5D Mark IV camera from canon in action. It certainly looks interesting as the pentaprism looks unusual and unique which indeed might be the long awaited 5D edition:

The new Canon 5D Mark IV image and specifications

Canon 5D Mark IV leaked image

According to the latests news the new camera will have to following specifications, although there are a lot of speculations about the actual megapixels in the sensor:

Canon 5D Mark IV Specifications:

  • 30 Megapixels Full Frame Sensor
  • Card slots: Compact Flash + SD, no mention on the new CFast cards support.
  • 4K video recording at 24 and 30 frames per second
  • 1080p video at 60 frames per second
  • USB3 Support
  • Better touchscreen capabilities, bot no details yet
  • New and improved ergonomics compared to the old 5D cameras

Canon 5D Mark IV Starting price

There are some price speculations before the live announcement this month. As you might remember the Mark III’s price at launch was around the $3500 mark, but rumour has it that the new EOS 5D Mark IV will start at a lower point – $3299. There is no guarantee just yet what the starting price of the new camera will be, especially with the Brexit effect on the world market and the value of the Japanese Yen. The new 5D is expected to arrive on the market with two separate kit options. The first will be bundled with the 24-70/f4 IS lens, but the more interesting news is about a new kit on the block – an updated and brand new version of the workhorse 24-105 Canon lens – the 24-105/4 L IS II lens. The latter is expected to be the better kit which should reflect on the price, of course.

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