Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Registered in Indonesia and Taiwan

Canon 5D Mark IV first registered with Certifications Authorities in Indonesia and Taiwan

We have some new piece of information about the upcoming Canon 5D Mark IV camera body. There are some certification leaks from Taiwanese and Indonesian authorities that show that Canon is moving forward and getting the 5D Mark III successor registered and certified. The leaked documents are believed to refer to the new 5D’s WiFi and GPS modules. We can confirm that the camera will have both GPS and WiFi build it in the camera body and there will be no need for external ones. That is great new for travel and studio photographers out there – no more cables to trip over when syncing files in the studio. It is much welcomed with the travel photographers as well – it is much easier to use a built in camera GPS receiver to geo-tag your photos for easier sorting of the images.

It is also believed that the new camera’s internal company name will be the┬áDS126601, as shown in the photo below. We have no access to Canon’s internal network so there is now way for us to either confirm or deny this information, but the rumours favour the name so far:

DS126601 - the internal Canon name for the new Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR camera

DS126601 – the internal Canon name for the new Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR camera

Here is the certificate in question as well, although it is referring more to the internal WiFi and GPS units rather than confirming or denying the existence of the 5D Mark IV. We’d love to hear from any Indonesian or Taiwanese readers for some translation help!

Canon ds126601 - WiFi registration certificate for the new Canon 5D Mark IV digital camera

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  1. PT. Datascrip is indeed the Indonesian distributor of canon products. Hopefully it is the mark iv we’ve been waiting for.

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