Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Release Date and *Updated* specifications

Canon 5D Mark IV Release Date

As the release date of the Canon 5D Mark IV is dawning upon us we want to update you on the latest news and rumours about the new Canon camera. all sources point to one date – August 27th 2016 and seems that Canon are preparing a major announcement event. The event is called “Five Graphy” and it looks like to begin on the 27th of August. It doesn’t specifically say that it will be about the new 5D series instalment – the 5D Mark IV, but it is pretty safe to assume that the new 5D will be introduced alongside the rest of the 5D series bodies. We’ve mentioned before that the camera will be announced in the end of August and we are finally seeing some official information to confirm the rumours.

Canon 5D Mark IV to be revealed in August 2016

Canon 5D Mark IV Latests Specifications – ***Updated***

Here are the latest confirmed specifications about the new Canon DSLR. These are assembled from several different sources and we are led to believe that if they don’t completely represent, they are pretty close to what the new 5D Mark IV will look like:

  • Camera Sensor – Full Frame 30.4 Megapixels Canon Sensor
  • Burst Mode – 7 Frames Pers Second continuous shooting
  • Autofocus – Dual Pixel AF
  • Focusing points – 61 points focusing with 41 cross-type
  • RGB + Infrared Senson – 150K pixels
  • Memory Cards – CF + SD slots. There are no indications of CFast support whatsoever
  • Anti-Flickering Technology for video
  • ISO sensitivity range – 100-102400
  • Wi-Fi – Built In Camera
  • Video recording:
    • 4K video recording at 24fps and 30fps
    • 1080p recording at 60 frames per second
    • 720p at 120 frames per second
    • 4:2:2 capabilities
    • Frame Grabs from 4K Video
  • Jpeg – there are some news about 500 Mbps 8Bit options
  • Built-In Time Lapse capability
  • Connectivity – USB 3.0 support
  • GPS Built In
  • NFC connectivityย 
  • Cable Release – Port moved to the front – no confirmation on that yet.
  • Display – Touchscreen Display with similar functionality to Canon 1DX Mark II
  • Ergonomic – The new body will feature new, more ergonomic lines and new buttons to ease up on the handling
  • Body Size – 116.4mm long, 150.7mm tall and 75.9mm wide.ย 
  • Weight – 890 grams


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  1. Great disappointment at the 7 fps frame rate. It ruined everything for an alternative FF body. Just think of the next 2- 3 years and what other FF brands can do. Nikon’s D810 replacement will have at least 9 fps and that will put the 5D IV out of competition.

      • And a lot of photographers do mind it greatly, including myself. The fact that some don’t, doesn’t make a lower FPS better or even satisfactory for a flagship, which is likely not going to be conservatively priced. What’s your point?

          • Indeed. That is my point. If you need a faster camera, buy another type of camera.

          • Yup, I have two 7D Mk. IIs that I use for NCAA basketball and they’re great!

        • But the 5D series are not flagship models. Not even close. The high frame rates are reserved for the flagship models in the 1 series; putting comparable frame rates in a prosumer body like the 5D4 would kill some of the 1 series sales……..no business wants one of their cheaper products to compete with their flagship model.

    • Only a total loser shoots like a machine gun, even in sports. Only one or maybe two are ususally good no matter when or how you get the picture. Learn from masters, economy, discrection, the cam is an extension of the eye. Dont be childish

      • As a professional photographer for the past thirty years, I completely agree with you. Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed a few alleged local professionals who do use their cameras that way, and I find it to be quite lame, and clearly the mark of an under-confident photographer who doesn’t really know what he or she is doing.

        • Nikon F1 cannon F1 back in the 60s and 70s the normal speed was three frames per second they did some amazing work in sports photography at the time and in black and white film and Try X was king

      • Then, according to you, the guys shooting stills at NFL football games, NBA basketball games, and the Olympics are “total losers”. Their job is not to get one or two good frames from every action sequence, but rather it is to get as many good frames as possible, each frame showing a slightly different arm positions, leg positions, head turns, etc. Your comment leads me to believe that you don’t really know much about world-class sports stills coverage.

        • I shoot NCAA Division 1 sports, including perhaps the most challenging, basketball (someone once likened it to photographing a moving tree in the middle of a moving forest), do it from the baseline mere feet from the players, and a 10fps rate is a tremendous help. Having previously shot games with a 6 fps rate camera, the difference is meaningful.

        • Tom I think they meant wedding photographers or people doing portrait work shouldn’t spray and hope they get the shot it’s a different filed all together with sports. In sports you can’t direct the players to pose for you when making a play. So having 10 frames per seconds gives you a better chance to capture the moment. I do agree that photography is an art form but there are many different avenues to get there and it just happens that different conditions call for different type of equipment. 1Dx Mark II is a flagship camera and thus has all the advanced technology but its market at a different crowd but a 5d Mark IV is more or less marketed at a different crowd that may enjoy a slower pace in their work but still be able to transition into other fields like wildlife or maybe sports photography. So all in all its about your budget and what you like to take photos of.
          Thank you

      • I shoot NCAA Division I sports and 10 FPS is an absolute necessity. Without that, I would have no interest in the camera for sports work.

    • Dont like it? great, move a long. if you need the extra 2 fps, just go ahead and get the 12 the 7d offers. what the hell are you shooting at over 7fps that you need FF body for?

      • I shoot NCAA Division 1 sports and the difference between 6 (or even 7) fps and 10 (or 12) fps is exceptionally valuable, particularly in fast-moving sports like basketball and football. The shot missed with the slower camera may have been the “money” or cover shot you missed and the guy or gal sitting next to you got.

    • I’ve rented a sony a7sii but for some reason the body would get very very hot after shooting in continuously mode. Miami is hot but never had that problem with a hasselblad or canon. Maybe the one that I rented had some issues

      • Haven’t tried the Sony for sports, but I did try the Fuji X-T1. Lovely camera and probably fine for other things, but just didn’t cut it for most sports.

  2. Kind of disappointing seeing that even the original Sony A7s can do slow mo in 1080p and we won’t be seeing an upgrade to this camera in 4 years.

  3. Most of all serious photography loving people are included me, i think eagerly waiting for such twist…the Canon twist..

        • Mike I would assume 1/250th. 1DXmkII is only 1/250th so can’t imagine it being higher than that. Plus with High speed sync its largely irrelevant

          • Thank you for response. 1/250 is better than 1/200. It depends on lights you use. Some dont have high speed sync, so for me its good news.

        • With modern flash tech and hyper sync that question doesn’t really matter any more. Nowadays u can shoot on any speed u want!

  4. No mention of astrophotography the numbers say good, but will have to wait for additional information. But now I’m waiting to check it out.

  5. I’m probably missing a subtlety here but, IF the pricing is close to the same, wouldn’t many pros (and advanced amateurs) prefer to get the 5DSR, with the substantially higher megapixel count? Of course, that’s putting sports to one side, where most of the guys I shoot with prefer a 1Dx or 7D2.

    • Simple answer is no. Plenty of people don’t need 50MP (e.g. weddings) and 30 is more than enough. 5D3 already has better high ISO noise performance than 5DS and the 5D4 will be better again – thats way more important to me than simply more MP.

  6. Well, imho the 5D4 is comes as a huge evolutionary step in the line, specially for those (me included) who shoot pro photos and video. Just compare its highlights with the 5D3.
    Of course nothing in this world is perfect and what we always need is the most suitable gear for our particular pro needs.
    And as most professionals often use 2 or 3 bodies, the 5D4 is a terrific option to team up with the 1DX2, 7D2 and/or the 5DS/R depending on particular needs.
    I come from pro film photography always using the 1 series bodies and was an early adopter of the EOS-1D, 1D2 and so on… but have been using the 5D/7D combo for many years now and feel very confident having this couple in the bag as I currently have no need for ultra-high MP count and ultra-high FPS.
    I think if a photographer knows its own talents and limitations, than it turns out to be easier and more joyful finding the perfect gear. It’s always all about self confidence, knowledge and experience.
    Instead of feeling limited by the equipment, just think of how far your talent will take you with this new toy.
    Relax and enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Anyone know the ” price on mk4? Same as Mk3 when it got out, around 3.500-3.600$ ? (not talking about the ‘canonrumors’, 3800$? really)?

    • I don’t know that any actual price has been formally announced (and, when it is, it will probably differ from country to country), but I think that since Amazon.com is currently showing new 5D Mk. III bodies at US $ 2600, a retail price for the Mk, IV is likely to be well North of US $ 3,000, probably around US $ 3,300 – 3,500.

  8. The only thing i really hope for this is if they remove that flash iso limitation. the mk3 limits the flash at iso400 unless you force it. i think auto it goes higher, but not the other modes. it makes really little sense and there is no option to push it more.

    i’m hoping the iso is better on here. i was very close to getting that new pentax k1, but the lens i wanted – they stopped making. and the price for a new system would cost me the same as this one camera. and i’ve been waiting for this one since i bought the mk3. hope its a good one.

  9. Don’t sleep on the built in Wifi. I shoot with the 6D now and wireless tethering to my ipad for portrait shoots has been a huge help. The only reason I didn’t buy the Mark III was that I was hoping the Mark IV would add that functionality.

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