The New Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Out In The Open

The New Canon 5D Mark IV Tested By Photographers

There are some rumours out in the open that several chosen photographer have access to the new to be announced Canon 5D Mark IV camera body.  It is a common practice for Canon to send some test bodies to few chosen photographers in order to test them in real life scenarios. The number this time might be more than just a few chosen ones, given the significance of the body for the Canon lineup. It happened with the Canon 1DX Mark II, it’ll happen with the 5D Mark III successor as well. We are pretty sure the official announcement will be in August this year, but we have no guarantee for the date just yet. The fact that several pros got the body out in the open to thoroughly test it, meaning that Canon has finalised the development stage are getting ready to iron out the bugs and announce it once they are ready.

The 5D Mark IV specifications are nowhere near to be ready and confirmed just yet, but we can most certainly confirm that the following two feature will be available on the new DSLR body:

  1. Native 4K video recording capabilities
  2. 1080p recording at whopping 120 frames per second

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Confirmed For August

It seems like that it will be a nice replacement for the Mark III in terms of video recording features, we’ll just have to wait and see if it can stand it’s ground against the new Sony Alpha 7S II in terms of low light and ISO quality.  The Sony is the certain king in this reference but only time will tell if the new 5D will be able to match it in that regard.

There is no confirmation on the frames per second while recording in 4K format, but there is a pretty good chance that it will be 60 fps. The rumour is that the new EOS 5D Mark IV is going to be equipped with Cfast 2.0 card slots which are more than capable to handle the data speed required for 4K recording at 60 fps. We are pretty confident that screen grabs from video will be featured in the next 5D as well, Canon seems very excited about the feature and is definitely promoting it actively since the 1Dx Mark II launch earlier this year. We can not confirm just yet whether the new body will have the Digic 7 processor. We saw what the CPU is capable of with the new Powershot G7X II consumer camera and we fully expect to see it in the new full-frame camera in the autumn.

There are some reported leaks of the new 5D being spotted out in the open during a RedBull commercial shoot, but as every rumour please take it with a pinch of salt. These are the images taken from the Instagram account of @levi_siver, but the photo has been taken offline ever since the news leaked that the 5D Mark IV could be seen on the photo below. We don’t quite know whether there’s any truth in it or not:

There are also rumours for a new kit lens for the 5D Mark IV, it could either be a new version of the 24-105mm f4 IS lens but we will keep you posted once we have a bit more information!



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  1. I’m using it occasionally with ShutterSnitch or EOS Remote on iOS and the WIFI signal often drops out and if it does reconnecting it will often make it necessary to restart both teh camera and the iOS device.

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